India is home to 450 M Blue and Grey-Collar Workforce. This comprises over 92% of India's working population. This highly motivated workforce will take India to the pinnacle of growth in the coming decade. It is expected that India will become a global destination for skilled workforce by 2025 having a mega workforce under the age of 35 years. But at the moment this workforce lacks digital presence to find relevant jobs. There are limited skill building opportunities. 

At the same time, employers lack access to a skilled workforce and end up hiring candidates through a limited reference peer-based model. Can businesses afford to lose competitiveness for the lack of a skilled workforce?


JobPin aims to become an employee-employer-trainer online ecosystem to address the needs of profiling, skilling and hiring. Key drivers to this business model are smartphones and internet access; which were not available earlier for this population.

JobPin is an Asterial product and will be available on Android phones shortly. 

Watch this space for the latest updates.